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I began singing over 20 years ago being inspired by Paul Weller, The Jam, Squeeze and The House Martins as well as the usual icons Elvis and The Beatles.

I like being a showman and love to entertain a crowd. I was in an ITV prime time talent show in 2001, as well as meeting Mel B from the Spice Girls I beat 50,000 other hopefuls to reach the last 50.

In 2010 I released my first self penned studio album The Cynic which received positive airplay on Smooth Radio, BBC Radio WM & many other stations comparing the sound to Paul Weller and Elvis Castello, you can take a listen to the album by clicking on the album cover below:

I then released the England anthem titled England Forever in 2010 which made the BBC Radio 5 with Victoria Derbyshire top 4, making it the unofficial England song. Which featured on both Midlands Today and Central News. You can view the video for England Forever on the Home page

I have now gone back to performing live in my favourite arena pubs and working men's clubs I feel I have gone back to my roots my live shows are entertaining and lively taking the music back to the people and putting the E in entertainment and the fun back into music. I am passionate about music and excel in front of live audiences with all genres of music.

A Little About Me

Seeking independent film crew to follow me around clubs pubs for reality TV show for prime time to see how a singer works every weekend and not the glamour of X factor and Britain Got Talent.

For more information and booking call 07845 168330 or email steveheathcock@hotmail.co.uk